Wig Care Instructions

Synthetic Hair Wigs

Its recommended that the wig is washed every 2 to 3 weeks of wear, only as needed. You should use products made especially for wigs.

  • Gently brush out wig to remove any teasing or tangles and turn inside out.
  • Soak in lukewarm water using a wig shampoo for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Swish it gently, do not rub.
  • After a thorough rinsing in lukewarm water, turn the wig inside back in.
  • After rinsing out the shampoo apply a wig conditioner and follow drying instructions. 
  • Hang up or place wig on wig stand and allow it to dry at room temperature.
  • Do not comb or brush when wig is wet.
  • When completely dry, use a wide tooth brush or pick comb to brush into desired style. Always brush from tip to root.
  • Do not use heat tools such as straightening or curling irons. Excessive heat can damage the wig.


Human Hair Wigs

  • Gently detangle hair.
  • Using cool or lukewarm water only, soak wig in water and work in a mild shampoo from bottom to top. Rinse and then add conditioner. You can use the regular shampoo/conditioner you would use for your own hair.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with towel.
  • Comb hair from end to root using gentle downward strokes one section at a time.
  • Allow wig to dry naturally.
  • To restyle your human hair wig, you may use a blow dryer or curling iron on low heat settings or warm heat or steam rollers.

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