Third Week of Christmas Sale!

If you want seasonal savings, look no further than our Christmas Sale. The following items are available at a special discount price of $100 OFF per item starting the second week of Christmas (December 14th to 20th 2020). Use promo code "3XMAS100" at checkout or on the note section. This offer can be applied on top of tier discount. Hurry! While Supplies last! 

This Exclusive Discount is available on the following items:
105 - Amber Mono-Top, 105A - Amber II Hand-Tied,
105SL - Amber Special Lining, 120 - Medi-Tach (Medical) French-Top H/T,
121B - Liz B Mono-Top Lace Front, 125 - Diva Hand-Tied Lace Front 
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